Experience of a medical training: fishing community in the southern of Brazil

Adriana Maria de Sousa, Roberto Conter Tavares, Mayara Floss, Tarso Pereira Teixeira


Introdução: In 2013 The Education league of health (LES), which is a project organized by the medicine academics of The Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) oriented by a teacher, began the activities to educate the population, with crafts women, in the fishing community of Vila da Barra, located in an expanding port zone in Rio Grande City, a Southern Region of Brazil.

Objetivos: To analyze the experience report about the activities done with the crafts people of Vila da Barra from the point of view of the medicine academic members of the LES.

Metodologia ou descrição da experiência: The methodology used was reporting experiences. Therefore, it was collected individual statements, from six medicine academics, which took part in the practical life activities of the artisans in the Vila da Barra. Themes generated by the experiences were proposed, such as: The impact in the learning of practical activities. The reports were filmed with a video camera and then transcribed.

Resultados: Changes in the comprehension of the academics were caused by the practical activities of the LES, as stated: “(…) The LES has provided me with so many things in this subject, with knowledge, (...) which has lead me to different branches in the medicine, and this has helped to choose my specialization”. Besides this it is possible to notice the exchange of knowledge which happens in the fishing village: “(…) What has surprised me the most is that the meetings, in Barra, (…) inspired us a lot because they have so much knowledge to pass to us, even though we are medicine students, coursing higher education, which is a different reality from them. It is incredible how much they know”.

Conclusões ou hipóteses: The LES makes possible health knowledge to be built together with the fishing community in Vila da Barra, talking and creating experience and knowledge exchanges. This has a direct impact on the training of academics, providing a new vision of medicine. The life experiences demonstrated that the community is an important area of teaching and learning, becoming a good scenario for medical training.



Medical Training; Knowledge Exchanges; Fishing Community

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