Development of a community nursing research strategy for wales

Joyce Kenkre, Carolyn Wallace, Robyn Davies, Sue Bale, Sue Thomas


Introduction: Community nursing is changing rapidly, due to health-care integration across the UK and the movement of the provision of care into the community. Nurses need to develop the evidence for their future practice so they can meet the needs and achieve the outcomes which matter to patients and carers.

Objective: To describe the development of the Community Nursing Research Strategy in Wales to respond to policy and provide evidence to support future organisational and professional change to be able to achieve excellent provision of care in the community for people in, or close to their home.

Methodology or experience description: An initial consensus workshop was convened in December 2011 that participants were invited to from all sectors: academia, NHS Trusts, Local Health Boards, government, professional groups and workforce planning. Each participant was asked to bring from their organisation three priorities for research, training available and how their organisation could support the initiative. Presentations were given from all sectors to set the scene for discussions. Key principles of consensus methodology were used so as to be inclusive, provide opportunity for detailed topic examination and debate while encouraging negotiation and agreement. Priorities for research were agreed and rated.

Results: Five research priorities: 1. Barriers to translational research in community nursing. 2. Evaluating the impact and value of community nurses. 3. Role definition versus flexibility. 4. The system: making it work. 5. Looking outwards not inwards: person-centredness. The research themes: •Organisational change and service redesign; •Nursing roles; •Skill mix; •Evidence and outcomes; •Education and development; •Long-term care; •Occupational health; •Patient safety; •Patient and user perspectives. The support and training that could be provided by the organisations: •Clinical speciality specific; •Research skills; •Organisational support for research; •Funding; •Professional development; •Academic Awards.

Conclusions or Hypothesis: The Community Nursing Research Strategy was achieved in Wales through partnership with education, research, government and health services. The strategy is being taken forward through four implementation strands of a virtual network, research portfolio, application to practice and leadership providing community nurses with a framework for programmes of research and translation into practice.



Community Nurses; Research Strategy; Consensus

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