Experience report about scientific initiation with "Programa Jovens Talentos Para a Ciência"

Izabela Aguiar de Faria, Lara Louise Guimarães Silveira, Karen Leonel Bueno, Larissa Siqueira Leal, Rickella Aparecida Alves Moreira


Introdução: The "Jovens Talentos para a Ciência" program, created in Brazil by CAPES in 2012, aims to precociously enter students from the first year of graduation in the scientific area. From this program we can analyze the repercussions generated in community health and the vision of an academic about it. Furthermore, we can observe how the program studies can reflect in the health of the rural area.

Objetivos: The aim of this study is to analyse the value of a scientific initiation for first year graduation students. We also observed the applicability of an immunology study in the rural areas.

Metodologia ou Descrição da Experiência: Participating of the program "Jovens Talentos para a Ciência" criated by CAPES in Brazil, we learned during one year, how the basic work in a laboratory is done. We dealt with the main important techniques in an immunology lab focused on the study of Leishmania. In a group of 5, based on the initial techniques we learned, especially in the leishmaniasis area, we analyzed how the laboratory study could be applied in the community, particularly in rural areas. This evaluation was made by exploring articles about the repercussion of a lab study in the community health .Thus, we evaluated the relevance of a lab study (principally immunology ones) in the health of rural communities.

Resultados: We realize that a lab study is the basis for a scientific applicability in the health of communities. In the immunology area, we noted that the work in the laboratory has a positive impact on the understanding and treatment of pesticides intoxication in rural areas. Betwen the immunology issue, specially the one about viceral leishmaniasis, a study in the lab also give us the basis for the understanding, treatment and prophylaxis of this disease, that was initially a zoonosis of rural pattern. The importance of lab studies justifies the implementation of scientific initiation programs such as the "Jovens Talentos para a Ciência" and the fomentation of them since the first year of graduation.

Conclusão ou Hipóteses: We noticed that the "Jovens Talentos para a Ciência" program was a useful initiative with very relevant short-term results. We realized that students who went through this initiation felt much more interested in cientific topics. The academics could also see and participate of the importance of cientific work (specially lab studies) in the health of community.



Scientific Initiation; Reflections on Health

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