The tale’s tent: innovative tool in Primary Health Care

Ana Priscila Freitas Lemos, Thiago Gomes da Trindade, Jacqueline Maria Abrantes Gadelha, Maria de Lourdes Frederico de Oliveira Freitas, Ricardo André Freire de Souza


Introduction: Currently the hospital-centered medical practice has been associated with iatrogenic, high costs, distance and dissatisfaction among doctors and patients. In this context the communitary approach of the Tale’s Tent emerges as a new strategy based care systemic encouraging the health promotion and protection, experience pooling, acceptance, autonomy, identity and cultural ties.

Objective: Report the pioneering experience of a new kind of community approach through the Tale’s Tent, as a tool for understanding the multiple determinants of the health - illness and promoting social integration and mental health of the participants.

Methodology or experience description: The Tale’s Tent is an unconventional inventive/practical care that begun six years ago in Primary Care units of Natal/RN. Prior to the meeting, community health workers distribute invitations to the people advising them to bring objects that represent stories lived, which now encourages dialogues with families. The scenario mounted simulate an old fashioned living room: on the table are placed objects with sentimental value, memories, photographs, poems. Chairs are arranged on a circle. One of them, placed in front of the table, welcomes each one of the participants who are at this space, authors and narrators of their own stories.

Results: Shows a valuable tool in strengthening the links between health professionals and users. The experience traversed several regions of Brazil and allows the construction of alternatives that escape the prescriptive hegemonic relations present in medicalized model. The objects brought to the composition of the Tale's Tent, the life stories shared, stimulate interactions based on symbolic exchange of goods and/or material; interrelationships motivated by the movement of affections that simultaneously produce individuality and community, intercepting significant life elements that have been enclosed in the health protocols.

Conclusions or Hypothesis: The Tale's Tent has shown be a sucessfull systemic approach by providing listening , encouraging group activities and promoting the light/relational technologies. The open space to the narratives sharing has provided micro changes in the labor process - at the institutional objectives dimensions and at the users and workers subjective practices.



Systemic Approach; Mental Health

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