Situational report of a rural team in the countryside of Minas Gerais

Flávia dos Santos Gameleira


Introduction: The Ouro Branco County has 35 thousand residents and 10 Family Health’s teams. The hilly countryside is known by the potato production, subsistence plantation and small livestock. The Donato Severino de Souza team, one of the two countryside teams, has close to 1700 registered patients distributed over 14 communities and render assistance coverage to the main geographic county area.

Objective: Expose the characteristics of the communities assisted by the team through collected data summary, interviews and observations, showing information like prevalent pathology and demographic, environmental, socioeconomic and epidemiological aspects.

Methodology or experience description: The data were obtained from the team work, from secondary SIAB database, from key-informant interviews and from active observation. For the diagnosis achievement was counted with the team and general communities collaboration.

Results: The team is composed by one physician, one nurse, six technical nursing and three health community agents. Two treatment units follow the Health Ministry recommend standards and seven use adapted former school facilities. The other locations didn’t have any health facilities. All communities are at least 25km from the county center and until 40km between them. The majority roads are not paved. At the rainy season some roads stay restricted by the water. The team offer prenatal services, childcare, family planning, hypertension and diabetes control, men, elderly and women’s health, everything with organized tracking and active search.

Conclusions or Hypothesis: High incidence of intestinal parasitosis can be observe related to bad sanitation. Many adults nonsmokers were identified with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease related to wood burning stove in almost every home. The major work difficulties are the bad roads in the rainy season and the high turnover of the communities agents by transportation absence.



Situational Report ; Family Health’s Team; Donato Severino de Souza Team

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